Force app on google app engine to use https

Posted on mar 21 agosto 2018 in Tutorials • 1 min read

Now is very important that all websites use the secure HTTPS protocol, especially since google began to warn that the pages are not safe in chrome.

If you are using Google app engine to deploy your website, there is a parameter at app.yaml the force and redirect all traffic …

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Deploy nginx to google app engine

Posted on sáb 18 agosto 2018 in Tutorials • 1 min read

To deploy a static nginx server to google app engine, you need to clone this repo

# git clone
# cd appengine-custom-runtimes-samples/nginx

Try with docker

# docker build --tag=nginx_appengine .
# docker run --rm -it --name nginx_example -p 8080:8080 nginx_appengine

Now open the url on the browser …

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Tsuru Paas at Qdqmedia

Posted on lun 07 septiembre 2015 in News • 1 min read

Begining with the new tech blog, at QDQMEDIA, where I work, I wrote a post in Spanish about Tsuru Paas, one Platform as a service based on docker, that we use for a few months and we are very pleased.

It allows us, from the operations department, to unleash the …

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